Being Evel Trailer

Responsible for the execution of compositing the entire film placing all interviews into the Paramount Theater and adding the archive image effects behind them. 60 interviews, 12 locations, 4 camera angles, 3 various cameras.

Premiered at Sundance 2015.

Interview of the process at Creative Master Series.

Film Synopsis

A generation of Americans grew up worshipping self-styled hero Evel Knievel – watching him every Saturday on Wide World of Sports and buying his Ideal toys. For producer/subject Johnny Knoxville and so many others, he was the ultimate antidote to the disenchantment of the 70’s. But few knew the incredible and often complex aspects of his epic life, which, like his jumps, was sometimes glorious and sometimes disastrous. With an entire genre of sports ascending from his daring inventiveness, now is the time to look at this extreme man and his complicated legacy. Academy Award-winning director Daniel Junge delivers thrills and spills, while also reflecting on what our heroes represent in ourselves.